Year: 2011

An Article And A Book

A provocative article about Alzheimer’s and other dementias showed up last Sunday on the Huffington Post, written by Scott Mendelson. After reading it I checked

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From an early age, words were what I loved. I read early and steadily. I read children’s books, I read the magazines my father brought

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Coercion Again

A grandfather, when visiting, might well take his grandson a present. Kids love presents. I loved it when my father brought something home from the

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In The Here And Now

A great crowd last week at Janette Turner Hospital’s course in Columbia, SC, Caught In The Creative Act. Preparing for my talk there led me

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The Paperback

Swallow Press has released the paperback edition of The Last of His Mind. It’s a handsome thing. Pretty much the same cover as the hardbound

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