Intent on recording my own audible version of A Hundred Fires in Cuba, I’ve set up my laptop, mic and audio interface in my office. I live in the country, where supposedly it’s quiet—but I hadn’t counted on the birds and their piercing cries. I gathered some quilts and mounted them over the windows, and save for the early mornings, the room is now essentially soundproof. So as soon as I master my chosen DAW—the digital audio workstation, Logic Pro X—I can get to work.

The trouble is the complexity of the program, the utter indecipherability at times, to someone who knows nothing about latencies, noise gates and compressors. I’m learning, but slowly. Then I’ll apply Izotope R6 for breath control, mouth de-click and voice de-noise, and I’ll be rolling along. See you in a month or two.

Well, not really. I’ll see you at my reading at the Athens Public Library on Saturday the 15th, at 2 PM.


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