Lisa Howard and Fidel

Lisa Howard and Fidel

I finally settled into Peter Kornbluh’s Politico article about the American journalist Lisa Howard’s “intimate diplomacy” with Fidel Castro.…/cuba-fidel-castro-affair-lisa-ho…

It clearly didn’t serve her own life well (do read the article to the brutal end), but her intentions—to effect a beneficial detente to U.S./Cuba hostilities—might well have helped both sides. Kornbluh shows how foreign policy can be swayed by the personal concerns of presidents, dictators, journalists and various statehouse officials. But the relationship between Howard and Castro is the most engaging:

“One night, Howard returned to her suite and burst into tears, torn between her feelings for the man and her distaste for his revolution. ‘This revolution isn’t at all what he thinks it is,’ she wrote in her diary. ‘How can I tell this to Fidel. And why do I feel that I must? Yet I guess what keeps me involved is that down deep I believe that if I could convince him of the truth … of the despair and agony and chaos he has brought to this Island … he would change.’”


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