Kirkus the Fierce

Kirkus Reviews isn’t known for coddling authors. I’ve published three books with New York houses and one with Swallow Press at Ohio University. Won some awards, good reviews in the New York Times and other papers—and never a starred review from Kirkus. But this time, yes: they’ve given one of those coveted stars to A Hundred Fires in Cuba. 

Here’s an extract: 

“Thorndike is a talented, experienced writer, and Clare and Camilo especially are fully developed, attractive characters. The dynamic between Camilo and Fidel is fascinating. Camilo is a joyous revolutionary and wants a revolution that really does fulfill its promises to the poor and dispossessed. Fidel, on the other hand, is a dangerous ideologue whose first directive is to eliminate perceived threats.
    “A highly recommended rendering of a love affair and mysterious slice of Cuban history.”

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